Hiawatha Osawamick, Executive Chef and Owner of Hiawatha’s Catering, has spent approximately 18 years in the food service industry. She began her career as a busgirl in her hometown of Wikwemikong, Ontario. Ms. Osawamick later moved to the city of Greater Sudbury and worked for her mother’s catering business, Osawamick’s Family Tradition. Her past roles include working as a waitress and hostess, while developing a breath of knowledge in classic table service, wine accompaniments’ and sales. She worked her way up to the “front-of-the-house” ranks in top-rated hotels and restaurants, including Casino Rama – Ontario’s only First Nations’ commercial casino. 

From the beginning, Hiawatha was interested in the texture, color and flavor of the food she prepared and served. It was in those early days as a waitress that she decided to become a chef. Her ‘opportunity-of-a-lifetime’ came while working at Casino Rama. Osawamick seized the chance to acquire top notch culinary skills from one of Canada’s best chefs. She worked nights in the hotel’s dining room and spent her days training and perfecting her love of cooking through a culinary apprenticeship program offered by Casino Rama and Georgian College.  In 2008, Red Seal Anishinaabe-kwe Chef, Hiawatha 

Osawamick started her business and began providing top-of-the-line service and culinary delights in the indigenous cuisine industry. Word of-mouth satisfaction has grown the business tremendously over the years since opening. 

Hiawatha’s catering is a firm believer in caring for the environment and mother earth. She was recently awarded for the 2018 Environmental Champion of the year from Green Economy North. Her business uses compostable wooden cutlery and pressed fallen palm leaf plates that are eco-friendly, biodegradable and balance quality and environmental concerns to provide a unique and affordable cutlery alternative. Ecoware wooden cutlery and plates are made from fallen palm leaves. Each piece is made of 100% renewable and BPI-Certified compostable fallen leaves and is a stylishly sustainable alternative to disposable paper and plastic plates and cutlery. No trees are ever harvested or cut down. No chemicals, harmful toxins, waxes, dyes or additives are applied = No worrying. Ecoware cutlery is 100% natural, and an affordable way to stop using plastic. 

Today, Hiawatha’s Catering flourishes as the premiere catering service for aboriginal cuisine in Ontario. She’s following her mother’s footsteps and is now continuing her family tradition. After 10 years of Catering, Hiawatha is opening her first restaurant in Sudbury, Ontario January 2020.