When your 13 year old headstrong, ferociously independent and determined daughter comes to you proclaiming “I’m vegan now” you panic. 

Or at least some mothers may have, I know I certainly did! 

I always prided myself in my cooking abilities, earning my Girl Guide badge for cooking at the tender age of 10 for preparing a complete Thanksgiving dinner, including freshly baked bread for my entire family. I had found a skill that was fulfilling and deeply satisfying knowing that I could provide love for people I cared about most. After all, food equals love, right? (That’s a whole other story, for another day) 

“A VEGAN? What the hell do they eat?” My insides swirled with visions of a never-ending salad bar. How boring was that? Would it be enough? 

Ashamed as I am to admit it, I actually thought and said out loud ‘Where will she get her protein?’ Shh…. don’t tell my veggie friends please. 

But I believe this is where many of us begin a journey of change. It is through initial inquiry into things that challenge us. It can be scary and sometimes quite frustrating but with perseverance and motivation to drive us continually forward, change is possible. Ultimately, change is consistent, the only real thing that is consistent in this life. 

We all strive to be better. To strive beyond the norm, our present situation, to do better if we’re able. This is where my journey as a holistic nutritionist, live cell microscopist, yoga instructor, business owner, CEO and online entrepreneurial maven begin. Simple inquiry into making sure my vegan, athletic, pre-teen remained healthy, strong and as happy as a 13 year old can be. 

Diving into every book I found at the library – understanding that this was before the internet explosion of Pinterest vision boards and Instagram videos – I was swept down the rabbit hole of nutritional living. 

I quickly learned the what and why around feeding my kid a vegan diet. But now I had to figure out how to deal with the spongy, off-white brick of watery protein – tofu. 

There was so much to learn and the cooking was more than half of the fun. I took on the challenge from an intellectual and culinary perspective, loving every minute of it. Seeing my daughter survive and thrive to this day, nearly 15 years later, I would say I did something right. The knowledge I learned about healthy living and the reason behind it stuck with me. The veil had been lifted and there was no going back. 

Over the years, as a nurse caring for the dying and the elderly I saw how disease ate away at the body. Feeling the anguish and helplessness as I held the hands of my clients while they struggled to take their last breath, throwing my arms around their family members and sharing in their grief while doing my best to find the sweet spot between pain-relief and drug-induced stupor… I became disillusioned with the entire ‘health care’ system. 

Was this really ‘health care’ or actually ‘disease care’. My field allowed me help prolong and ease the disease, but was doing nothing to help and care for the ‘health’ of my patients. This work was not feeding my soul and wasn’t aligned with my new found knowledge of natural, preventative medicine. 

If 90% of all diseases are preventable, why are so many people still suffering? With growing concern for an epidemic of obesity, stress and chronic fatigue, unresolved stomach issues, I concluded that society as a whole must not know! 

WITH KNOWLEDGE THERE IS POWER – to change for the better! 

As the internet exploded into the major information conduit that it is today I found that unfortunately, it increased the confusion much more. With the vast array of information available, people didn’t know the direction that would suit them best to improve their health like they yearned for. 

I quickly came to the conclusion that it was my duty and calling as a healthcare provider and ‘healer’ archetype, to share my newly found knowledge with the world – my soul jumped up, clapping and rubbing it’s hands screaming “It’s about time. Let’s get started!”. 

My scientific mind sat there unsatisfied, reluctant to push forward, declaring that people needed evidence. This led me to pursue the modality of Life Blood Analysis and Nutritional Microscopy. A tool helping to establish potentialities for nutritional and systemic imbalances, letting my clients “see” for themselves. This satisfied my scientific mind. 

Today, slowly transitioning my career from a path of ‘disease care’ to one of true ‘health care’ and disease prevention, has been a natural evolution that began with my daughter’s vegan declaration. 

My business, Nutritional Solutions is the present day manifestation of my soul’s desire to prevent before we have to treat

Holistic Nutrition goes far beyond the food we take into our bodies. It encompasses the entire ‘whole’ of who and what makes you YOU. It’s an individualized approach to maintaining and strengthening our unique biochemistry. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution which often brings the confusion that we see these days. 

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next, which is why it’s important to seek out professional help while trying to make changes in your life. This is the reason why it was so important for me to bring my knowledge as a professionally trained and highly educated nutritional consultant to everyone.